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Rain will come

Rain Will Come is the debut novel of Thomas Holgate. The writer has already written feature films, television movies, series and magazine pieces under a different name. Now, he has published a book under his own name and it’s a good one. The book tells the story about Paul Czarcik, who’s hunting a serial killer… Read More Rain will come

Book review, Books

What Lies Around Us

The novel ‘What Lies Around Us’ by Andrew Croft is one you won’t be able to put down. It tells the story of Andrew: a successful ghostwriter. He accepts a job for an actress and what he gets to know and experience is something he won’t easily forget. I really liked this book. As I… Read More What Lies Around Us


Week 24

The first week of a different strategy for this blog. A weekly blog post where I go over my week and what’s happening in the world. To be honest, I have to find a certain style in this, so bear with me. This time of year is always nice, summer is coming up, people are… Read More Week 24