Week 24

The first week of a different strategy for this blog. A weekly blog post where I go over my week and what’s happening in the world. To be honest, I have to find a certain style in this, so bear with me. This time of year is always nice, summer is coming up, people are looking forward to the holidays and the great weather.

A photo of the game Netherlands - Cameroon from

The Women’s World Cup is also being played in beautiful France. I’m not really a big sports fan, but I just love everything about these tournaments. In Holland, people have posters of the Dutch team stuck on their windows or they put up orange flags in the streets. I just love the atmosphere it brings to the country. The Dutch team also won the European Championship which caused a major increase of the popularity of women’s football in the Netherlands. Have you also been watching the Women’s World Cup?

Fiction and reality

The cover for When They See Us by Netflix as shown on IMBD.
© Netflix

What’s also remarkable this week is the Netflix series: When they see us. Two people have lost their jobs because of it. ‘When they see us’ tells the story about the Central Park Five. This was a case where five black man were wrongly accused of rape. They have spent time in prison while they were innocent until someone else confessed.

What I first want to say about this is that it is wonderful that these men have a name and are more known to the public. What was done to them by the legal system is horrible and shouldn’t be possible.

An article I read about the series talks of a whole other subject though: mixing up reality and fiction. These days there are a lot of series, movies or documentaries that talk about a true story. More and more you come across the sentence ‘Based on the true story’ or ‘Inspired by..’. As these series, documentaries are often meant to entertain, details are often romanticised or exaggerated. It makes me wonder: how much can we believe of what we see on tv? I have no answer and I don’t know if there’s a clear answer.

Now back to what this blog is about: reading. Recently I’ve finished a book Falling: A love Story by Jane Green. The book was okay, but more of an in between read for me. Of course there’s a review coming up! 

Now I’m going to read a lot of upcoming books. I’ve downloaded some which I’m really eager to read. I already started to read What Lies Around Us by Andrew Crofts. I’ll keep you updated about that one.

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