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An Unapologetic Expression

(I was requested to review ‘An Unapologetic Expression’, this is an honest review)

I really do not read poetry very often. You might think ‘Well why would you review a poetry book?’. Well, the truth is that I really want to try out poetry and see what I like. Án Unapologetic Expression ‘seemed like a good start to me.
I loved reading sonnets from Shakespeare or epic poems in high school, but that’s the only way I got in touch with poetry.
An unapologetic expression is a poetry book that dives into the life of the author. The book is quite short, but it’s divided into 6 parts, each with a different theme.

The themes of this book are beautiful. As the author shares important themes of her life with you, you are able to relate to it. Some subjects I definitely related to, others were less relatable for me. That’s different for everyone of course. The relatable subjects made the book more easy to read for me.

The poetry itself was also very accessible. It was very straightforward to me. I think the author put her thoughts into words beautifully, but it wasn’t really a challenge for me to read. I would’ve liked to see more complicated poetry, then I would’ve taken more time to read the book.

The author definitely achieved to let readers have a look in her life. I really thought the poetry was beautiful, but it wasn’t challenging enough for me to find the meaning behind it. I think this is a poetry book which is accessible for everyone.

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