Book review: ‘Tell No One’ by Barbara Taylor Sissel

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Tell no one is the tenth novel of Barbara Taylor Sissel. Sissel is from Hawaii, but she grew up in the midwest of America. Writing and reading are two fixed points in her life. The cover and the title were intriguing. Even though I had never read any of her other novels, this one really caught my interest.
The novel tells the story of Caroline who’s trying to find her father. She’s doing this because her aunt Lanie wants to see her brother before she dies. The novel also tells about Harris, Hoff’s stepson. He carries the trauma Hoff caused with him after all these years.
The novel was thrilling and the writing was really good. I was unable to put it down.

The way the novel is written is very good. The shown to you rather than being told. The writing was very detailed. Everything was really detailed and this made the story very vivid. I always love this about a book, when you can imagine the surroundings, the characters and everything that’s happening. This way of writing makes you feel as if you’re watching a movie while you’re reading.

The story contained a lot of elements of suspense and it was very intriguing. The beginning of the novel is quite strong, a lot of questions are raised. Those questions stay with you throughout the book, some are answered soon and some aren’t. The suspense wasn’t present throughout the whole book, but because of the questions you had, you wanted to read on. You wanted to know how the story ended.

The book follows two characters, Caroline and Harris. Personally, I liked the storyline of Caroline more while I was reading. The novel also focuses on Caroline more, out of these two main characters. Harris could be seen as an antihero. He’s in a lot of trouble and doesn’t know what to do. Keeping this in mind, Harris storyline may be more human. I loved both characters, they were well developed and the storylines were very thought through.

I do have a point of criticism though. Even though the characters with their storyline were well-developed, it sometimes was too much. There was a lot going on in the novel and at some points it was hard to keep track of everything. From PTSD to a lost father and from robberies to drug abuse. Within the story, there could have been fewer elements or things happening. It would be more clear.

Another detail I loved about this book, was the title. While reading I wondered what the title had actually to do with the story. When I finished it though, it made a lot of sense. I won’t be spoiling anything of course, but I loved how everything came together after finishing the book.

It is clear that I thought this was a good read. I loved the writing style, that made the book feel like a movie sometimes. The suspense of the story isn’t present throughout the whole book, but this wasn’t necessary. You want to know the ending and this causes you not being able to put the book down. I’d definitely recommend this book!

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