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Good Omens

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

Good Omens is a story about the apocalypse. A very brief summary of the book, because there’s a lot more to it. You may have already heard of its Amazon Prime Series featuring Michael Sheen and David Tennant. To say the series is popular is an understatement.

Back to the story. The book mostly has the demon Crowly and the angel Aziraphale as their main characters. Together, they decide that they actually really like the earth and want it to continue to exist. They try to stop it, but their plans don’t go that smooth. They mix up a child, who should be the Antichrist, with another child, for example.

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett co-wrote this book. They had a really good friendship, until, unfortunately, Terry Pratchett died in 2015 to the effects of Alzheimer’s. In several interviews, Neil Gaiman describes how they would call each other to talk about fragments of the story, or they would sit down to work on it together.

Good Omens was a fun book to read, even though I had some problems with the multiple storylines and all the characters. For me, it was a very fast pace in the beginning. I thought this really was a shame because I felt like I couldn’t understand all of the story. It also felt like I had to get used to the way of writing and I had to get into the jokes that were being made.

The ending made up for most of the negative points. As soon as you’re really used to the jokes and the writing style that is used, then you can start smiling because of this book. Somewhere in the middle, everything sort of fell into place for me. It still didn’t live up to what I’d expected though. Because of the series, I really started this book with my own expectations, and I think they were completely wrong.

To sum it all up, I kind of liked this Good Omens, but I also had a lot of trouble with it. I think I should read it again sometimes and maybe that’ll do the trick. I’d definitely recommend watching the series on Amazon Prime, because it’s really funny and then you can see what an awesome story Gaiman and Pratchett put into the world.

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