This is Kind of an Epic Love Story

A book about figuring everything out as a teenager, and so much more. ‘This is Kind of an Epic Love Story’ is a really fun book.

This is kind of an epic love story

Do you like romantic movies? Well, Nathan Bird certainly doesn’t. His opinion on romantic movies is that they don’t match reality. ‘This is Kind of an Epic Love Story’, thus, is a romantic story which comes close to daily life. The main person Nathan Bird just broke up with Florence, who cheated on him with Lydia. He also misses his dad, as does his mom. Because of this, Nate doesn’t really believe in love anymore, but then his childhood crush Oliver James HernĂ ndes comes along. This YA romantic novel is lovely to read.

Kheryn Callender is an author, who has written two novels thus far. ‘This is Kind of an Epic Love Story’ and Hurricane Child. In both novels, LGBT+ characters are present. In ‘This is kind of an epic love story’, there were a lot of groups represented. It was refreshing to read sign language and how Nate uses his phone to talk to Oliver James. Next to the representation of different groups, it’s also refreshing to read how the groups are not labelled. There is no conversation which features “I want to tell you I’m gay.”. It charms the novel and I hope there’ll be more books like this.

Connection to the characters

Though I loved the book, I do feel like it had more potential. There was one issue on which a character had a completely wrong opinion on virgins and having sex for the first time. This is only discussed at the beginning of the novel, but it’s still present in the rest of the novel. Apart from this, I felt as if I just didn’t connect with the characters as I have felt like in other novels. I think the characters could be more developed. This may be very personal, but I still hope Kheryn Callender may improve her writing in the future.

Though I had some problems with the novel, I still liked it. It was refreshing and I still loved the relatable themes. For example, the theme of dealing with a lost one is very important in the novel. Another relatable theme was growing up. In the novel, the characters are busy looking at what colleges they could get into or how. I also loved the awkward and funny moments Nate could get himself into. He’s a character that a lot of people can relate to, I think.

I’d say I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves YA romantic books. It was a very cute story about someone struggling getting into a relationship and about growing up. ‘This is kind of an epic love story’ is a novel that doesn’t have the cliches that the romantic movies have. It is a novel that could’ve happened in real life. Though there were some downsides, it was a fun and original novel.

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