Creative writing exercises

Do you want to improve or practice your writing? There are a lot of ways to practice writing. I, personally, always like to do fun exercises which I’ll enjoy because it makes practising more fun and interesting. Here are some creative writing exercises I like to do. #1 Watch a movie scene and write out… Read More Creative writing exercises

Short Stories

The proposal

“Tears were rolling down your cheeks and you were smiling. I remember it so perfectly, Jane. Your blue eyes were twinkling, you were smiling and the tears came when you realized what I was doing. You started laughing, wiped your tears away and got your hair out of your face. You wore your hair up… Read More The proposal

Short Stories

The Café

Sara As Sara took a sip of her coffee, she looked at the other people in the cafe. It was always packed with people during this time of day. It is the best place to have lunch, to have just a coffee or some tea. There was this nice ambience that made you feel like… Read More The Café