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The Martian

Being stuck on Mars… plainly sucks, but it sure can give one hell of a book. Maybe you’ve seen the motion picture with Matt Damon playing the funny astronaut Mark Watney. If that’s the case, this book is still worth reading.Mark Watney is at work on Mars with his crew and a sandstorm hits. The… Read More The Martian

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Holding by Graham Norton

While browsing through my favourite bookshop, I came across ‘Holding’ by Graham Norton. I didn’t know Norton had written any novels. I was curious to see if it was any good.Holding is Norton’s first novel, set in an Irish village called Duneen where not much happens. That changes when police officer P J Collins, better… Read More Holding by Graham Norton

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Once in a while

It’s crowded at the train station here in Cambridge, people moving towards their destination. Some of them are more in a hurry than others. I am, thank god, not in a hurry and I’m going to get some lunch before I catch my train. I’m going to London for a blind date. A friend of… Read More Once in a while