Writing prompts

Here you can find writing prompts. Use these to write your own stories! Let me know what you make of it and post your story in the comments! Do you have any other writing prompts you’d like to see on this page? You can also put them in the comments!

You are walking through the forest,
but there are sounds that don’t belong there.

Write a story where the beginning and the ending
is the same sentence or the same word.

You just moved to a new place,
but after a week or so, you start
noticing the rooms lead their own lives.

You wake up and
there is someone sitting next to you
and staring at you.

You hear a gunshot,
but everyone else goes on as
if they didn’t hear it.

You get a text or a note one day saying “This is not your real life”,
and suddenly you start questioning who your family actually is.

You meet someone who
you end up liking,
but everything changes when
you find out about their past.

Write the story of how your parents met,
but transfer it to another time.

You can’t sleep and you’re staring at the ceiling.
Suddenly you see a shadow moving around in your room.

“What’s the plan?”
“I was sort of hoping you came up with one.”

Two introverts meet each other.
Write about how they get along.

Did you like these writing prompts? Let me know! Need some more help with writing a story? Look at my other articles and short stories to get inspired!

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