Short Stories

The Café


As Sara took a sip of her coffee, she looked at the other people in the cafe. It was always packed with people during this time of day. It is the best place to have lunch, to have just a coffee or some tea. There was this nice ambience that made you feel like you were at home. The warm brown colours in combination with the plants and the industrial lamps made this ambience.

Across from her was sitting a couple who were chatting, she couldn’t quite make out what they were talking about, but it looked like she wanted to leave. On the bench filled with pillows where she was sitting, there was a girl sitting next to her. She was mostly enjoying her coffee and watching the people outside. She looked like she needed the rest. In the back of the cafe, there were two friends chatting with each other. They were both enjoying the warmth inside, in contrast to the rain outside and they were laughing a lot.

Sara always had a cup of coffee every Thursday. This habit started when she both got a job in town after finishing college. Sara had started working at a local newspaper. She covered different kinds of stories, even though she did like the job, she wanted something more. Still, she worked with lovely people, so she accepted to wait for that something more. The problem was, she was already working there for 5 years. She was now desperate for something to come along.

Diane and Michael

“Mike, please just drink up your coffee so we can go.” Diane said. She wanted to go to that shoe sale in her favorite store. “Can’t I just wait here until you get back?” He answered, knowing this was never going to happen. “No. There’s no fun in that isn’t there? I wanted this to be a fun day!”

Mike hated shopping trips. He always tried to avoid them, but every once in a while, he couldn’t get out of one. He loved Diane, he did, but he hated shopping. When he did go along with Diane, he would always have a break. He’d look for a nice restaurant or cafe and they’d have lunch, coffee or anything else there. That was his moment of the day and then they could go on shopping.

“Yeah? You’re ready?” Diane said as Mike took the last sip of his coffee. They stood up and gave a friendly glance at a girl who was watching them. They went to the waitress to pay and then they went on with Diane’s shopping spree. Mike holding all the bags and Diane looking for the best shoes and clothes.


Jennifer watched a couple leave, they went outside into the rain. She had heard their discussion about leaving or not and found it quite cute. Jennifer herself was planning to stay in here and wait until the rain stopped. She had had a rough day in the library, studying for her exams, and she was only halfway through it. Even though she liked studying in the library, she liked the soft noises she could hear from the coffee bar in the library and she loved taking a break to go to a cafe or have a walk through the city.

She also studied at home, but it was harder to focus there. She could always hear her parents or sister talk. She’d focus mostly on those conversations than on the subjects. The only advantage was that she didn’t need to travel all the way to the city centre.

She had ordered a piece of apple pie and green tea. She hated coffee, she had tasted it once and never drunk it again. So she always sticked with tea. Apple pie had always been her favourite.

Iris and Rebecca

As the waitress walked by with on her tray some apple pie and a tea, Iris and Rebecca were laughing. “Do you remember that one time we had a school performance and someone fell of the stage?”

“Oh my god yes! What was the kid’s name? I really can’t remember.”

“I think it was Ryan.” Rebecca said. She wiped away a tear from laughing. She and Iris always had a cup of coffee and some cake on Thursday. On the second time they went, they noticed another person had this habit too. She was always there when they were on a Thursday. She always left about the same time too, around one o’clock.

“I also wanted to ask, do you want to go out shopping after this? I want to look for some make up. Maybe you could pick up that record you were talking about.” Rebecca suggested.


Sara watched everyone come and go, and she ordered another coffee. The two girls were still there, but most of the other people were replaced by new ones. Who were now looking at the menu and thinking hard about what they should order?

Finally, when Sara had also finished her second coffee and she saw that is was almost one o’clock. She stood up and walked to the waitress to ask if she could pay.

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