Book Review: Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

July 1, 2021 0 By Fleur
Daisy Jones & the Six book cover

Daisy Jones & the Six is about a band in the 1970s, a wild period for the industry of rock and roll. Daisy enters this world on her own in her teens – getting a taste of rock and roll life – but her singing doesn’t go unnoticed and she and the band The Six form Daisy Jones and the Six. This novel is a great read for the summer, with a fascinating and fast-moving plot. This novel is a story about rock ‘n roll, including romance. Daisy Jones & the Six, therefore, makes for a novel that will grip you and cause you to want to read this in one sitting.

This novel is written as if compiled from interviews, songs and other materials which gives a documentary-like sense to the novel. Many Goodreads reviews mention A Star Is Born, which is a good comparison to make. Within the novel, however, every character has their own take on what happened. Every character is well-written with their own voice that it feels like this story really happened, that this band really existed. 

Two characters I want to focus on for a moment are Billy and Daisy, who are the most important characters. The plot really is about them, and the other characters also know this. The other characters also state this, when describing album covers, for example. In this description, the characters make clear that the tension between Daisy and Billy even showed on the album cover. This description was so clear that I could visualise the album cover itself.

As someone who loves music, Daisy Jones & the Six reminded me of Fleetwood Mac. This was what I kept comparing the band in the book to. The novel really seems like a report of what happened in the 1970s, a novel that’ll make you believe this band really existed. The novel goes into the music in such detail – the lyrics, album covers, recording

All in all, this novel really gripped me. I really loved how real it seemed, with all these different characters talking about their experiences. This in addition to the great characters and how good the plot is really makes a good read. This book is ideal for the summer because you will not put it down.