Summer Reading List 2021

July 2, 2021 7 By Fleur

For my summer reading list, I am planning to read some novels that have been sitting on the shelf for a while now. This makes my reading list perhaps a bit outdated, but I still want to share it because I have heard a lot of praise for these books. Perhaps you can get some inspiration out of this list!

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid cover

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Four famous siblings throw an epic party to celebrate the end of the summer. But over the course of twenty-four hours, their lives will change forever. (Goodreads)

This novel, as the cover already shows, is a good addition to any summer reading list. Having previously read Daisy Jones and the Six, I am really excited for this one!

Animal by Lisa Taddeo cover

Animals by Lisa Taddeo

Joan has spent a lifetime enduring the cruel acts of men. But when one of them commits a shocking act of violence in front of her, she flees New York City in search of Alice, the only person alive who can help her make sense of her past. In the sweltering hills above Los Angeles, Joan unravels the horrific event she witnessed as a child—that has haunted her every waking moment—while forging the power to finally strike back. (Goodreads)

This thriller is another good fit for a summer reading list. This debut novel by Lisa Taddeo has gotten quite some good, but also some less positive, reviews. However, it’s another novel to add to my summer reading list!

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

This novel came out very recently, and having read The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go (find my review here!) I was quite excited about this one as well.

The novel itself is about artificial intelligence and what it means to be human. To me, this subject seems really interesting and I am eager to see how Ishiguro goes about this.

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

Another novel that I am very excited for. Hamnet is about Shakespeare’s only son, Hamnet. While little is known about Hamnet’s life, there has been speculation on the relation to some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. This is what Maggie O’Farrell brought to life. The main focus of the book is Hamnet’s mother, Shakespeare’s wife, Agnes.

Even though I have seen mixed reviews on this book, I am hoping it is a good read!

Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan

Ava has moved to Hong Kong, where she is teaching English. Meanwhile, she befriends Julian, a banker, and moves into his apartment. Ava also falls for Edith, a lawyer. As Ava has not told Edith about Julian, this causes tension.

This novel has been compared with Sally Rooney, and it seems like an interesting read. While also having a mixed reception, I am curious to see what this book is like.

Mythos by Stephen Fry

While I am undoubtedly incredibly late with reading this, I am still really excited! I do not think this requires much of an introduction, Mythos has been very popular for a while. This novel has been on my reading list for so long and this summer I finally get a chance to start the series.

As Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

This novel is about two families living in a suburban town and their children spend a lot of time together. This changes however, when a violent event drives two children apart and the Stanhopes are forced to move. Can Kate and Peter, who had fallen in love, still find their way back to each other?

This novel seems like a good read for the summer. On another note, when looking at the plot like this, it also makes me think of Romeo and Juliet.

These seven novels are definitely on my reading list and I hope I can finish them all, because I tend to diverge from my reading lists, a habit that some may recognize. However, now that I’ve shared my