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Book Review: Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

Even though not much is known about Shakespeare’s son Hamnet, as Maggie O’Farrell states at the end of her novel, she has imagined what his short life could have been like. To clarify, the novel Hamnet tells the story of Shakespeare’s family, and specifically on the death of Hamnet, Shakespeare’s son. Despite the lack of…

By Fleur July 23, 2021 0

Book Review: Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan

Exciting times is a novel full of social commentary, as well as a complicated love story. For me, the novel’s social dynamics sometimes felt a little unrealistic, perhaps due to my personal taste. In her gap year, Ava lives in Hong Kong with a banker named Julian. She teaches at a TEFL school. While Julian…

By Fleur July 8, 2021 0

Book Review: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

As a dystopian novel, not like any other dystopian novel, Never Let Me Go is set in England, but with a mysterious twist. The narrator, Kathy, tells about her time at the boarding school Hailsham and her life after leaving it. While I did not have a lot of experience reading dystopian novels, this story intrigued and…

By Fleur June 30, 2021 0